August 4, 2017

Lord Neuberger talks property law, the Supreme Court and his retirement plans

Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, who is retiring from his role as president of the Supreme Court this summer, discusses his distinguished career, major property law talking points and the importance of the judiciary.

Lord Neuberger gives some views into how practice has changed since he was at the bar, reveals why landlord and tenant law remains very close to his heart, and offers his insights into Supreme Court decision making and the influence he has had since becoming president in 2012.

Other topics discussed include the importance of increasing diversity of background among lawyers and judges, the lack of public and media understanding of the true role of the judiciary in society, and the famous Supreme Court teddy bears.

Lord Neuberger also addresses his plans for the future, as retirement from his role as president of the Supreme Court will not mean a quiet retirement for a notorious hard-worker.


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