Colliers' 2020 graduate recruitment process sees non-cognate applicants included for the first time, in a move that it hopes will broaden its talent pool and help to increase diversity in the sector. 

To discuss the change, Sarah Jackman is joined by Colliers HR director Lydia Ings, who reflects on the firm's efforts to raise awareness of property as a career amongst school pupils and non-cognate graduates and what the expectations are for those applying to any of their schemes, as well as providing advice on how applicants – cognate or otherwise – can set themselves apart.



Shirley Waldron, surveyor at Delva Patman Redler LLP started her career as an architect, before developing a career in party wall surveying. In this latest episode of Bricks & Mortar, she reflects on how she made the change and her career highlight to date: acting as party wall surveyor for the Crossrail project. 

She tells Sarah Jackman what it's like to work on a major infrastructure project, what she learned during that time and how there is huge satisfaction to be derived from completing a qualification. She urges "anyone who is thinking of getting into the construction industry to learn a discipline and see it through ... so that you can hold your head up with your peers."

EG's legal and professional team - Sarah Jackman and Jess Harrold - conclude their annual list of the 10 most significant property law court decisions in 2019, counting down from #5 to the privileged top spot. 

Which case will be crowned the biggest of 2019?



Former Conservative MP and housing minister Mark Prisk discusses what is likely to be in store for the sector in the new year.

A Future of Real Estate Christmas cracker rounds off 2019. This year saw the Stirling Prize winner and government design chair Sadie Morgan launch a new Quality of Life Foundation. She tells Damian Wild how the foundation will improve the impact that the built environment has on people’s lives, and what it will deliver in 2020. “We need to do better,” she says.

EG's legal and professional team - Sarah Jackman and Jess Harrold - begin their annual list of the 10 most significant property law court decisions in 2019, beginning by counting down from #10 to #6.

Watch the EG website next week as we reveal our top five in video format - or, if you prefer, tune in on Friday 20 December to listen to part two.

The role of hotels has expanded to form part of the regeneration of the UK’s struggling high streets. But is the industry reaching its full potential as a community destination? And how is the industry reimagining floorspaces to appeal to the changing expectations of its expanded client base?

Joining EG for this podcast are:
-Jonathan Manns, board director and head of planning at Rockwell Property
-James Mitchell, partner at Axiom Architects
-Derek Griffin, head of acquisitions at Whitbread
-Claire Camplisson, hospitality asset management director at Colliers.

This podcast was sponsored by Rockwell Property.

In this latest episode of the EG Property podcast, we look at how property owners and occupiers need to work together in the fight against global warming, how a new, clearer language needs to be utilised about what sustainability means and how best practice, data, problems and solutions need to be openly discussed and shared between both landlord and tenant.

Joining EG editor Samantha McClary for the discussion are:

Sarah Ratcliffe, chief executive, Better Buildings Partnership

Louise Ellison, head of sustainability, Hammerson

Chris Bennett, managing director and founder, Evora Global

Henry Majed, partnership director, Innovation Gateway

Sheffield’s property leaders are looking to attract new businesses by focusing on health, wellbeing and a green agenda, in a move they hope will bolster investment in the steel city in the absence of devolved powers.

On the same day it was revealed that global law firm CMS had signed a 20-year lease at the council’s 1m sq ft Heart of the City II regeneration, panellists at EG’s Question Time event in Sheffield said a focus on sustainability could attract more occupiers and help to future-proof the city.

 As flood ravage the North, the effects of climate change are a call to action. In turn, these efforts could give the steel city an image makeover.

British Land has teamed up with Steel Warriors, a charity that melts down confiscated knives and turns them into outdoor gyms where young people can come together to build physical and mental confidence.

It is all part of the Steel Warriors' mission to reduce the escalating amount of knife crime taking place across the UK.

In this podcast EG editor Samantha McClary talks to BL's head of corporate affairs and sustainability Cressida Curtis and Steel Warriors founder Ben Wintour about how their partnership came about, the role of real estate in creating safe places and much, much more.


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