Meet Phil Dawson, Allied London's former head of brand & marketing and founder of This Must Be The Place agency, which aims to shake up developers' community contributions. 




In this episode of TECHTALK RADIO, co-hosts Emily Wright and Samantha McClary, take a look at how the UK's agent community has come together to start sharing data. And how there is a growing realisation among agents that sharing means more, not less, power. In a rare blowing of our own trumpet, we talk to our home team (commercial director Tom Gaynor and product manager Tom Pilkington, we call them TomTom) about a new product our tech team is developing with the industry to "make it a lot easier, to be a lot better". 

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Welcome back to the first episode of 2018’s series of TECHTALK RADIO podcasts. A new year and a new jingle. What more could you want? Apart from the first in series of must-listen interviews. This week co-hosts Emily Wright and Samantha McClary sit down with Metaprop’s Aaron Block and Zak Schwarzman to talk about world domination and gender equality (Who runs the world?) and talk with Mike Molloy’s about new proptech start-up Dashflow.

January 9, 2018

Employment law round up

From the Taylor Review and gig economy to the apprenticeship levy and gender pay gap reporting, 2017 was a big year for employment law.

EG talks to Clare Gilroy-Scott, partner at Goodman Derrick LLP, to find out how those changes have impacted the property industry and what’s in store in 2018 – including the GDPR.


As university students settle into their real estate careers the property world is being transformed by technology, with around 90% of the core tasks that surveyors currently train for being altered.

Will this spell the death of the agent? No. But it will mean they will need to perform some roles with a greater deal of emphasis in order to advance their careers?

In this tech panel discussion at Oxford Brookes University in November 2017, in partnership with CBRE and KPMG and presented by EG, experts discuss what those roles are and how to sharpen your skills in an era of automation to secure your job. Plus find out the shape of things to come for the rest of the built environment sector.

The panel:

Alex Bailes, head of product engineering, CBRE
Eden Dwek, manager, Tech Growth, KPMG
Savannah de Savary, founder and chief executive, Built-ID
Brittany Hurley, senior director - UK, VTS
Chair: Damian Wild, Editor, EG


EG's deputy legal editor Jess Harrold and court reporter James Lumley discuss Mr Justice Nugee's epic judgment dismissing Mark Holyoake's claims against Christian and Nick Candy, summing up the judge's findings, picking out key passages from the 193-page decision - and looking ahead to where things go next.

December 20, 2017

The Year According to Diary

Jess Harrold and Karl Tomusk provide an alternative view of 2017, selecting their favourites from the stories that caught the eyes of EG's Diary over the last 12 months.


With judgment still awaited in Mark Holyoake's claim against brothers Christian and Nick Candy, EG's court reporter James Lumley takes a look back at the trial of 2017, together with Alan Read, professor of theatre at King's College. Alan was a regular in the courtroom, researching a book on friendships gone wrong, and here shares his professional insights on the dramatic highlights of the lengthy trial.


Sarah Jackman and Jess Harrold, EG's Legal & Professional editors, offer a rundown of the year's most interesting, important and significant property law decisions — taking in areas including landlord and tenant, planning and valuation negligence. Don't agree with heir ranking? Why not tweet your own lists to us @legal_eg or @estatesgazette?


CBRE has acquired a stake in logistics start-up Stowga, the online platform that acts like “Airbnb for the industrial sector” as part of a strategic partnership.

The 18-month old start-up, set up by EG Rising Star Charlie Pool to address the issue around cumbersome warehouse lease lengths, connects warehouse occupiers, owners and third party logistics companies with short-term surplus space capacity with retail businesses looking for on-demand logistics services. 


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