May 12, 2020

Bricks & Mortar: APC study and assessment during lockdown – what’s different?

In this week’s episode of Bricks & Mortar, EG’s Sarah Jackman is joined (virtually) by Jen Lemen – co-founder of Property Elite – for a look at how APC candidates should proceed in the current climate.

With the RICS having temporarily moved its assessments online, there are positives to be drawn, including, says Lemen “the ability for candidates to control their assessment in terms of external variables. Things like the stress of being in an assessment centre; travelling and potentially needing to stay overnight; being able to manage nerves better and being in a familiar environment might give a lot of candidates a confidence boost.”

But what happens if a candidate doesn’t have good internet connectivity or a good home working environment in which to take the exam remotely? Lemen talks through the options for deferral, as well as giving advice to those who have been furloughed or made redundant part way through the process. She rounds off with her top tips for anyone currently preparing for APC assessment, including keeping in touch with established support networks, forming a remote study group and planning the all important outfit.


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