June 26, 2020

Bricks & Mortar: APC and the transition to permanent online assessment

Following the implementation of the UK lockdown, the RICS acted swiftly to move its session 1 2020 APC assessments online. The experience has been judged a success and the RICS has confirmed that all of its APC assessments will now take place online.

To discuss the change, EG's Sarah Jackman is joined by the RICS's assessment support manager, Gill Quinn and Roy Albert, a lead valuer in the Wales & West Regional Valuation Unit at the Valuation Office Agency, who has recently completed the APC assessment online.

Roy reflects on the experience itself - of overcoming initial anxiety to later benefiting from the availability of the RICS's support mechanisms - and offers practical tips for those preparing for online assessment later in the year.

Gill explains the background to the changes, looks at how they've been received from both an assessor and candidate perspective and highlights the benefits to being assessed using this new format.

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