May 16, 2019

COLLABORATORS: How laziness has given real estate a bad name

So-called ‘poor doors’, segregated playgrounds and unwanted gentrification: it is not hard to find negative headlines about the property industry.

Developers regularly face accusations of putting profit before people, of building poorly designed and poorly constructed buildings which do little to serve the community they are in.

But how much of this is true? The industry seems to be suffering from a fundamental image problem, but how much do the wider headlines reflect reality? And what can the people who work in the sector do to change the perception of an industry which ultimately exists to improve the places we live and work?

Listen in as Martyn Evans, creative director at U+I, Virginia Blackman, principal at Avison Young, Tim Lowe, founder of guardian firm Lowe, and Jason Hawthorne, managing director of Vu City discuss how laziness has given the real estate industry a bad name when it comes to collaboration.


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