July 5, 2017

“Connectivity is destiny”. ULI to look to tech sector for steer on infrastructure investment says new president

Calling on the tech sector to help identify infrastructure investment strategy makes sense, the new president of the Urban Land Institute said this week.


Just four days into his new role, Aecom vice president Chris Choa said that attracting interest and input from the tech sector was top of his to-do list as he embarks on his two-year tenure leading the ULI.


"Cities are powerful because they bring people together," he said. "They are not a thing, they are a system. They are networks. And technology focusses on the power of networks and systems.


"Because the tech sector is so focused on this, they have a lot of strategy we can use when we plan infrastructure. We can use different ways of technology-enabled decision making to decide where we invest first.


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