April 17, 2020

“Don’t fight the last war”. Tips from industry leaders on preparing for recession and why real estate is in a strong position to enter a downturn in this week’s We’re Still Here podcast

On this week's episode of We're Still Here we're talking recession and depression. Hardly the most upbeat of topics but there are silver linings to be found so it is worth a listen for tips from some of the industry's leading lights on preparing for tough times ahead.

Host Emily Wright is joined by EG news editor Pui-Guan Man and London editor Louise Dransfield as we delve into some of the big news and trends emerging out of the capital and look at the impact of the predicted upcoming economic hardship across the sector in its entirety.

Listen out for positivity along the way as we also consider why the real estate sector is in a comparably strong position to weather the storm and reveal who believes the industry will come out of this crisis more innovative and creative than ever before.

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