September 30, 2019

EG Question Time: The Greta Thunberg effect at Manchester QT

There was a time, not too long ago, that adults used to live by the motto that young people were to be seen but not heard.

Now, we live in a world where this mantra has been flipped on its head.

Generation Z has quite simply had enough. They are organising among themselves a truly global movement, campaigning against the actions of the older generation, holding them to account on issues from climate change to socials injustices.

Adults, supposed to be role models and bastions of progress, are now turning to young people for their leadership and inspiration on how to tackle the world’s hardest questions and greatest challenges.

Those who attended EG’s Manchester Question Time will have observed this Greta Thunberg effect in action.

On a panel of speakers including Manchester night-time economy adviser Sacha Lord, Get Living director of neighbourhoods, Ian Gibbs and Savills’ head of office, James Evans, sat Emma Greenwood, Bury Youth MP. As EG editor Samantha McClary said, Greenwood, who at 15 is not even old enough to drive a car, stole the show.

She provided not only a refreshing, but crucially important, view on how real estate affects young people – for better and for worse.

Listen in for a keynote from Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham on his vision for the region followed by a unique and inspiring QT debate.


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