May 14, 2020

Hammerson boss: Sustainability is what we do, stopping it would be impossible

This episode of the EG Property Podcast is all about sustainability and the importance of it in business today.

Joining EG editor Samantha McClary to talk about their journey are Hammerson chief executive David Atkins and group head of sustainability Louise Ellison.

Hammerson was one of the first property companies in the world to set a goal to be carbon net positive . An ambitious goal that it says it will not let slip despite the challenges all businesses, particularly those with a big footprint in retail, face right now.

Sustainability is what we do, says Atkins, stopping would just be impossible.

Listen in to find out why sustainability is so important to the business, how it implements its sustainability goals, what it has learnt along the way and why Covid 19 is actually strengthening its resolve on sustainability.

The  conversation was recorded via teams so while the audio quality may not be up to the EG studio standard you’ve come to expect, the content quality absolutely is.

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