January 30, 2020

Making the most of marginal gains

When it comes to going green or fulfilling net zero carbon targets, throwing up a new building – planning and financing aside – is a relatively easy route. But what about the 80% of our built environment that already exists?

If the nation is really to achieve its target of net zero by 2050 – or before if it is really serious about tackling climate change – what are we going to do  with our existing building stock?

In this latest EG Property Podcast  looking into numerous issues around sustainability and climate change, EG editor Samantha McClary speaks to a selection of industry specialists to discuss the issues and opportunities around retrofitting.

Listen in to here expert insight and advice from:

Sarah Ratcliffe, chief executive of the Better Buildings Partnership
Chris Bennett, managing director of EVORA Global
Brian Bickell, chief executive of Shaftesbury
Karen Jamison, head of sustainability at Workspace Group
James Ford, partner at engineer Hoare Lea

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