June 16, 2017

Redefining town centres and finding the zeitgeist at the £4bn Brent Cross Cricklewood regen

It’s a £4bn regeneration, 370 acre project that will see Brent Cross Shopping Centre double in size, a new town centre on the south side of the North Circular, 7,500 homes, 4m sq ft of offices, a new Thameslink train station and four new schools.

David Partridge joint CEO of Argent Related one of the joint venture partners for the project talks about the challenges of getting such a huge project off the ground and engaging with the community.

“[Challenge is] Trying to find the zeitgeist of the place and to turn it into a place where people aren’t going to use it as a dormitory and jump on the train and rush straight into town or aren’t going to see it as a quasi out of town Chiswick Park type office place that empties out at the weekend.

“We want to create a town centre and try to rediscover the genre of what people want in a town centre.”


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