February 16, 2021

Social mobility in real estate: The lost golden thread of diversity

In this episode of the EG Property Podcast, EG editor Samantha McClary is joined by IJD Consulting director Jane Hollinshead to talk about social mobility in real estate.

The industry has the reputation of being one full of privately educated, posh boys (and girls), but is it really and, more importantly, does it have to be?

Listen in as the pair discuss how the poverty and education gap scarring future talent, how social economic balance is the lost golden thread of inclusion and diversity, how the real estate industry needs to tackle it head on so it gets woven into every aspect of the industry’s D&I strategies and ideas on how to turn that thread into a robust golden rope.

This is the second in a series of conversations around talent with Hollinshead. Listen to the first about how to pivot in a post-Covid world here

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