July 2, 2018

Tomorrow’s Leaders: Sarah Hayes on becoming a partner at KPMG the unconventional way

Years before Sarah Hayes was made partner at KPMG, she was growing up in Bodmin Moor with dreams of becoming a vet working with large animals.

Now, Hayes has spent the last 15 years at KPMG and was made partner in the real estate transaction services team in May. But, she tells EG’s Tomorrow’s Leaders Podcast: “I’ve not come the standard route.” She studied accounting and finance at the University of Plymouth where those around her doubted her future prospects.

She says: “I can remember being at university and being told that none of us would get into Big Four because you had to go to a better university. There’s a big part of me that would quite like to find that lecturer and stick my tongue out at him.”

In this podcast, Hayes speaks about being a role model to other women in the industry and the conversations property needs to be having around the diversity of thought. She also talks about her favourite dragon - not mentioning Game of Thrones once - and about the relative viciousness of horses versus ducks.

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